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Blue Water Inflatable Deck Rafts - A Portable, Durable & Lightweight Solution for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Blue Water Toys Inflatable Deck Rafts
The Blue Water Toys brand has perfectly balanced the elements of portability, durability and comfort with its collection of Inflatable Deck Rafts. Showcasing all of the properties of a stable deck and the comforts of a floating raft, Blue Water Inflatable Deck Rafts represent the pinnacle of forward thinking in the water toy industry. Inflatable Deck Rafts are available in two different sizes. The Inflatable Wet Lounge Raft Deck is also available for purchase online at Blue Water Toys.

An ideal addition for those looking to get the absolute most from their days and nights spent in the water, Blue Water Inflatable Deck Rafts offer tremendous amounts of portability and durability. Blue Water Deck Rafts can easily be transported from one area to the next via the use of a hand pump and backpack (both are included). Simply deflate your deck raft when not in use and conveniently store it in your backpack for swift access. Unlike traditional deck rafts that require tremendous upkeep and loads of storage space, the inflatable deck water raft can easily be stashed. Durability has also been addressed with the addition of a laminated UV resistant high grade PVC material that covers the entirety of the deck raft.

Blue Water Drop Stitch Technology - Performance & Convenience.

Thousands of internal threads provide the rigidity needed for optimal on-water performance. Our SUP boards and Decks when inflated to 12 to 15 PSI are rigid and very durable. The manufacturing process we use assures top quality and performance by adding laminated PVC layers of high density polyethylene with a nylon base around the drop stitch material. Most manufacturers today only use drop stitch material and do not add the extra protection of PVC. Also as you can see in the illustration below we reinforce the edges with multiple layers of PVC. This additional process will ensure continued high performance and durability for as long as you own your Blue Water drop stitch product. Blue Water SUP's and Decks all include a comfortable slip resistant EVA standing surface.
Blue Water Drop Stitch TechnologyDurable large inflatable rafts drop stitch
The inclusion of a non-slip pad will allow owners to partake in any number of activities. Regardless of whether you're running, jumping or simply relaxing, you'll have no shortage of options to pursue when utilizing your Blue Water Inflatable Deck Water Raft. The inclusion of handles on all sides allows for swift and immediate access from the water. Blue Water has also included a series of D-rings that will allow owners to connect multiple rafts together. The attention to portability, durability and overall comfort elevates the Blue Water Inflatable Deck Water Raft as a premier addition for any lake or beach setting.

The availability of the Blue Water Inflatable Wet Lounge Raft Deck rounds out Blue Water Toys' selection of inflatable deck rafts. Featuring all of the strengths and versatility found in the rest of Blue Water's inflatable deck rafts, the wet lounge raft deck includes a resting net that invites owners to comfortably dip into the water. This makes it both an exciting alternative to enjoying the water and a premier platform for lounging. Blue Water Toys also features an excellent selection of Paddle Boards that are readily available for purchase online.

Blue Water Toys Decks & Wet Lounge