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Blue Water Stand Up Paddle Boards - Redefining Portable Water Sports

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Revitalizing the water toy industry as a whole, the Blue Water Toys brand has incorporated a wealth of ingenuity and versatility into its collection of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards. Blue Water Toys has elected to utilize an inflatable design that combines the very best aspects of portability and durability. Available in three different sizes, Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are the summer's most own water toy.

Blue Water Toys has implemented a lightweight and portable design that will allow owners to easily transfer their inflatable stand up paddle board from one location to the next. All paddleboards include a backpack and hand pump. Unlike traditional stand up paddle boards that require tremendous upkeep and loads of storage space, this inflatable stand up paddle board can easily be stashed into the included backpack. Overall versatility has been bolstered with the inclusion of a hand pump that will allow owners to inflate and deflate their stand up paddle board in a few short minutes. The importance of durability has also been addressed with the decision to coat each paddle board with a laminated UV resistant high grade PVC material. This translates to a steady and rigid feel that's very reminiscent of the experience found in hardboard paddleboards.

Blue Water Drop Stitch Technology - Performance & Convenience.

Thousands of internal threads provide the rigidity needed for optimal on-water performance. Our SUP boards and Decks when inflated to 12 to 15 PSI are rigid and very durable. The manufacturing process we use assures top quality and performance by adding laminated PVC layers of high density polyethylene with a nylon base around the drop stitch material. Most manufacturers today only use drop stitch material and do not add the extra protection of PVC. Also as you can see in the illustration below we reinforce the edges with multiple layers of PVC. This additional process will ensure continued high performance and durability for as long as you own your Blue Water drop stitch product. Blue Water SUP's and Decks all include a comfortable slip resistant EVA standing surface.
Blue Water Drop Stitch TechnologyBlue Water Drop Stitch Technology
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards designed by Blue Water Toys include three fins that enhance maneuverability and stability. Stability is elevated even further with the addition of a non-slip pad that allows for maximum balance. The efficient design of this inflatable stand up paddle board makes it a natural selection for riders of all sizes and skill levels. Regardless of whether you're paddling, fishing, practicing yoga or simply relaxing on the water, you'll have no shortage of activities to pursue when using the Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board!

Incredibly versatile by design, Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are available in three different sizes. Each size of paddle board features its very own dimensions and maximum weight allowance. By implementing a series of attributes that emphasizes portability, durability and overall comfort, Blue Water Toys has achieved its goal of completely redefining the water toy industry.

Blue Water Toys Inflatable Paddle Board (SUP)