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Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315

  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
  • Blue Water Toys Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ft x 31in x 5in - BWSUP-9315
Max Capacity of 215 Lbs | Premium Board
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  • Made with unique Drop Stitch Technology and an extra protection layer of laminated PVC.
  • Optimal performance when inflated to 12-15 PSI, creates a rigid and very durable surface area.
  • Portable & easy to transport in your car, automobile or boat Stores easily in home, cabin, or garage.
  • Lightweight, carry as a backpack.
  • Rigid feel, similar to hardboard, durable material.
  • Bungee coolers & misc accessories while paddle boarding.
  • Non-slip EVA standing surface for comfort & balance.
  • Fins for easy maneuverability & stability.
  • Ideal for exercise, sporting or family fun.
  • Inflates & deflates in just minutes.
  • Max Capacity of 215 LBS.
  • Dimensions: 9 foot x 31 inches x 5 inches
  • Product Weight: 23.5 lbs.
  • The Blue Water SUP Kit Includes:
    • 1000D, laminated UV resistant PVC 36 gauge inflatable board.
    • 1 D-ring at back for foot coil type leash
    • 1 Paddle (80.75 Inch)
    • 1 hand pump with pressure gauge
    • Repair Kit (Glue, valve tool and material swatch)
    • 1 Standard Back pack (420D polyester)
    • 4 Small D-ring with elastic rope
    • 2 Fixed fins and 1 removable fin
    • 1 Handle
    • 4 small D-rings on each side to attach seat (Seat not included)
    • 2 Year Warranty!

The Blue Water Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board is the perfect addition for those looking to maximize their time spent in the water. Showcasing a lightweight and altogether portable design, Blue Water Stand up Paddle Boards include a backpack that renders the transporting process a near effortless one! Unlike traditional stand up paddle boards that require tremendous upkeep and loads of storage space, this inflatable stand up paddle board can easily be stashed into the included backpack. Overall versatility has been bolstered with the inclusion of a hand pump that will allow owners to inflate and deflate their stand up paddle board in a few short minutes. Durability has also been assured as Blue Water has gone the additional mile to provide owners a stand up paddle board that's comprised of a laminated UV resistant high grade PVC material. This translates to a steady and rigid feel that's very reminiscent to the experience found in hardboard.

This Stand Up Paddle Board includes three fins that boost maneuverability and stability. Stability is elevated even further with the inclusion of a non-slip pad that allows for increased balance. The steady design of this inflatable stand up paddle board makes it a natural selection for riders of all sizes and skill levels. Regardless of whether you're paddling, fishing, practicing yoga or simply relaxing in the water, the Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board features more than enough versatility to adjust to your preferred water activities! This Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board includes the following dimensions: 9 foot x 31 inches x 5 inches. This inflatable paddle board also weighs 23.5 lbs and features a max capacity of 215 lbs.

Product Specs

Thousands of internal threads provide the rigidity needed for optimal on-water performance. Our SUP boards and Decks when inflated to 12 to 15 PSI are rigid and very durable. The manufacturing process we use assures top quality and performance by adding laminated PVC layers of high density polyethylene with a nylon base around the drop stitch material. Most manufacturers today only use drop stitch material and do not add the extra protection of PVC. Also as you can see in the illustration below we reinforce the edges with multiple layers of PVC. This additional process will ensure continued high performance and durability for as long as you own your Blue Water drop stitch product. Blue Water SUP's and Decks all include a comfortable slip resistant EVA standing surface.

Blue Water Drop Stitch TechnologyBlue Water Drop Stitch Technology
Q: How do I inflate my Stand Up Paddle Board and how long does it take?
A: We recommend using the board at a pressure between 12-15 psi. 15 psi gives you the best performance.
  • Choose a smooth surface to assemble your board.
  • Remove the inflatable SUP board from the back pack and unroll it.
  • Attach pressure gauge to hose and then attach pressure gauge to pump.
  • Attach other end of hose to the inflation/deflation valve on the rear of the board.
  • Stand the pump on hard, level ground and start to pump. The first time you inflate the SUP will require more effort than subsequent inflations.
  • Make sure you keep your hands toward the center of the pump handles when pumping and your feet firmly on the footrest of pump.
  • Pump time varies by user but normally takes 3 to 6 minutes.

Please Note: DO NOT USE AN AIR COMPRESSOR. It will result in damage to the board, and will void all warranties. Maximum air pressure for this product is 15psi.

Q: How do I deflate my Stand Up Paddle Board for Transport?
A: When you are ready to deflate your SUP, remove the fin and unscrew the valve cover, gently push down the central valve head.
  • Once the main pressure has decreased, push down all the way and twist the valve head. This will lock the valve open and allow all air to escape from the board while you roll it up for storage.
  • Clean and check the board as well as all the accessories. Make sure the board is completely dry before putting it away. Make sure that no sand or gravel remains inside the board or between the hull and the inner chambers.
  • Roll the board up starting from the nose with the deck pad on the inside and the fins will then be on the outside. This roll direction prevents damage to the flexible composite EVA deck pad.
  • Once rolled up completely, place into backpack.

Q: Where should I store my Inflatable SUP board?
A: Blue Water Toys Stand Up Paddle Boards and Decks are manufactured with UV resistant PVC to provide superior protection from ultraviolet light. However, to ensure extra years of flexibility and bright colors, avoid storing the board where it will be exposed to weather or in direct sunlight. Please review the following list for storage and board care tips.
  • Before storing, hose off the board and let it dry completely to prevent mildew buildup. Do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Most dirt can be removed with a mild soap and fresh water.
  • Do not store in extreme conditions (above 150F or below -10F). Store in a clean dry place.
  • Remove the fin before rolling up the board.
  • When storing the inflatable for prolonged periods in a deflated state, it is best to keep it loosely rolled or completely unrolled. Do not leave the board in direct sunlight as this may cause fading over a prolonged period.
  • You may experience some fin bend when traveling with the board in its bag. Fins can be easily straightened using either the natural heat from the sun or heat from a hair dryer or hot water. The longer the fins have been bent, the longer it will take to straighten them.

Blue Water Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), 9ftx31inx5in - BWSUP-9315 Videos
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